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Baska bahar
Isin Karaca
S. Aksu
Isin Karaca
Born in 1973 in London, Isin has been singing since her childhood, and she continued her musical career at King Edward IV College where she took her English literature and theatre education.
Isin has worked with Group Panic Attack. She took part in 2000 and 2001 Eurovision Turkish Finals. Besides, she represented her country at the 2000 Second Chance Contest (in which she finished at a very honourable 7th position) and in 2001 as well. She received the Best Singer Award in Kusadasi twice. But maybe the most important step in Isin's career is that, since 1997, she's been a back vocalist of the Turkish music goddess, Sezen Aksu. "To change, to wake up thinking "everyday is a brand new day", to perceive, to try to understand... I want to be a singer like this if I can." (Isin Karaca)
Original lyrics Baska bahar
Sevgilim canim yandi çok
Hayat yüzünden senin suçun yok
Ben ögretilenlere hiç karsi
Koymazdim hayir demezdim
Adanmis asklar yasar hep
Ölürüm derdim ama ölmezdim
Simdi baska bahar
Gönül gün isigi gördü
Simdi asklar kada
Kalp kendine döndü

Hadi gel yeniden bulusalim
Bir daha barisalim senle
Küsmeyelim hayata asla
Hadi gel anlasalim
Her insan biraz romandir,
Kahramandir biraz yalandir
Gün gelir anlar ki en çok
Harcadigi sey ah zamandir
Vakit tamam yollara düstüm
Elbet benim de hikayem vardir
English lyrics Another spring
My darling, I was hurt a lot
It's not your fault,
It's because of life
I'd never object to what was taught me,
I'd never say no
I'd say only devoted loves can live
And I'll die, but I'd never die
Now in another spring,
My heart saw sunlight again,
Now my heart turned its face
To love again

Come on, let's come together again
Let's make peace again,
Never turning our backs to life
Let's make peace with love
Everyone has a story to tell,
Everyone is a little bit of hero, a little bit of lie
One day they realise
The thing they were spending was time only
My time is up, I'm on my way
And of course, I have my own stories too