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Roko na srce
Nusa Derenda
M. Vlasic & U. Vlasic/B. Grabnar & M. Vlasic
Nusa Derenda
Nusa Derenda was born as Anuska Znidersic on March 30, 1969, in the border town of Brezice. She started to sing at a very young age and soon joined a band of young musicians as a singer. Although she graduated from a school for kindergarten teachers, she only worked in a nursery for a year as she started a career of a professional singer. With the band she extensively toured Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland and Germany, giving up to 150 concerts and gigs a year. In 1995 she married Frenk, one of the musicians in the band. They have two sons and live in the village Artice near Brezice.
Her first festival appearance should have been at EMA 1998 but she had to miss it out as on the very day she gave birth to her second child. After that, she soon started to establish herself as one of the most competent and popular singers of the country, receiving prizes at practically every festival she appeared: best song and best interpretation at Slovenska popevka 1999, 2nd prize at Melodije Morja in Sonca in both 1999 and 2000, 1st prize at Hit Festival in November 2000.
The year 2001 was particularly triumphant for her: after winning at EMA 2001 with Ne, ni res, she went on to represent Slovenia at the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen where she took an honourable 7th place, thus equalising the best Slovenia's achievement so far. In the summer 2001, she participated at the international festival Golden Stag in Brasov (Romania), where she received a special prize for best interpretation, awarded by the Romanian Ministry of Culture.
In November 2001 she achieved something rare for a Slovenian artist not only she was admitted into competition of the ZadarFest (a festival held in Zadar, Croatia), the song Roko na srce (in its Croatian version Ako moj je grijeh) received the 2nd prize of the expert jury, just behind her competitor from Copenhagen Vanna, and the Croatian lyricist got the best lyrics award.
And the line of continuous success doesn't seem to be over for her yet: only a month ago she has won the festival Slovenska Popevka again, this time with an overwhelming margin in the televote.
Original lyrics Roko na srce
Sploh te ne poznam
Povej mi, kdo si ti,
Saj te ne prepoznam,
Drugaèen èlovek si,
Ko se dotaknes me,
Vem, ne vznemirjam
Te tako kot nekdaj
Sploh te ne poznam,
Le senca sebe si,
Lahko prikrivas mi,
A vem, to nisi ti,
Saj ko pogledam te,
Vem, da ti ne èutis me,
Ti ne ljubis me
Roko na srce,
Nekoè sva se ljubila,
Aivljenje gre,
Le kdo ve, kdaj in kje
Sem te izgubila

Roko na srce,
Vsak zase zdaj iviva,
Drug mimo drugega,
A nihèe zdaj ne prizna...

Tvoje telo zdaj zame
Niè veè ne drhti,
Zdaj le stran se paè obrne,
Dela se kot, da me ni,
Laje kamen bi zdrobila,
Kakor tebe zapustila,
V sebi vem,
Da zate se borila bom
Roko na srce...
English lyrics Honestly
I don't know you at all
Tell me who you are,
I don't recognise you,
You're a different man,
When you touch me
I do not turn you on as I used to
I don't know you at all,
You are just a shadow of yourself
You can pretend
But I know it is not you
When I look at you
I know that you don't feel me,
That you don't love me
Once we were in love,
But life goes on,
Who knows where and when
I have lost you

We live our own lives now
Without noticing each other
But neither of us would admit...

Your body doesn't tremble
For me anymore
Now it just turns away
Pretending I am not there
I'd rather break a stone
Than lose you
Deep in myself I know
That I will fight for you