The voting procedure is now over, so we have a winner! The whole show has been divided into 3 parts. You just have to click if you want to listen to them: part 1 (songs 1-14), part 2 (songs 15-26) and part 3 (votes). You can also download the videoclip of the winning song (1.7 Mo). Congratulations to the winner!
All the songs are in RealAudio format (click here to go to the homepage of and download the free RealOne player). You can listen to them in streaming version (click on the music icon on the appropriate webpage). But if you experiment some problems (it may happen especially if you use a cable connection to the Internet), each song can also be downloaded in the forthcoming "Downloads" section (about 1 Mo per file). If you still have difficulties to listen to them, please contact the webmaster.
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